Nanci Rogers & Ace High Leathers

Nanci Rogers - Founder of Ace High Leathers

Ace High Leather is a small business located in the Shasta Valley in far northern California just outside the community of Montague.

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About Nanci

In 2005, I was a new rider and may have lacked a riding history, but the world of motorcycles quickly became my passion. After searching for accessories to make my bike unique, I gave up. I realized that unless I accessorized the bike myself I wasn’t going to find much other than “boring black”.

Having recently been laid off from a full time position, I busied myself creating a tank bib, handle bar fringe and more for my bike. I found a leather smith who granted me the opportunity to apprentice and with that Ace High Leathers was born.

Riding motorcycles and having my own business has introduced two new worlds. I have embraced both of them as my passions.  I now coach other motorcyclists and share ideas with other new business owners.

Ace High Leathers is located in the Shasta Valley in the most northern part of California in the community of Montague. The county takes pride in offering its “motorcycle friendly roads” for both on and off road enthusiasts.  They can only be described as “uncluttered with countless miles of some of the most beautiful country in the Pacific Northwest”.